Company Information

Our Company members perform locally and in surrounding areas, partnering with Southern Hills Hospital in our effort to spread joy, and continuing to grow as talented dancers and people.
 Important Dates 
10/14 - Youth Empowerment  Performance
10/21 - Balloon Festival Booth
10/25 - HallOVeen Performance at Opputunity Village
10/20 - Jump Fees Due
12/1-3 - Jump Convention
12/4 - Aliante Christmas Gala (Jrs Only)
12/8 - Magical Forest
12/13 & 14 Legends In Concert
1/5 - Celebrity Fees Due
2/2 - DEA Fees Due
2/16-18 Celebrity Competition
3/16-18 DEA Competition
4/6 Nuvo Fees Due
5/18-20 Nuvo Convention in Arizona

 Important Company Information 
Upcoming Performance Information: 
Magical Forest at Opportunity Village
te: December 8th, 2017
Call time: 5:15pm.  Meet at the front gate.
Show time: 6pm
All dancers receive a ticket to enter the park.  Additional tickets can be purchased online with Promo code LIFE to receive a discount.

Show order:

1. Go The Distance:  Sarah, Aylin, Sabiya, Jordan, Andi, Berklee, Rocelle, Shayna, Skylee
Performance Attire:  Cream colored dress, tan footless tights, tan foot undeez.             Hair in high pony tail, curled with flower hair piece around hair.

2. Perm: Ace

3. Winter Wonderland (France): Lindsey, Olivia, Serenity

4. Rockin Around The Christmas Tree (Pumpin Blood): Ella, Ella Z, Ariadna, Alyssa, Regan.  
Performance Attire:  Red jacket, black tank, black leggings.   Curled hair 
with Santa hat and earings.

5. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Tea Party): Rocelle, Elle M, Jordan, Alaina, Berklee.
Performance Attire:  Tea party dress, tan footless tights, tan foot undeez. 
Hair in curled high pony tail with headpiece pinned.

6. Jump Shout Boogie: Corryn, Livia, Angela
Performance Attire:  Purple fringe cotume.  High curled pony tail with         bow in center.

7. Jingle Bell Rock (Love Shack):  Shayna, Skylee, Aylin, Ace Jr, Sarah.
Performance Attire: Love shack costume.  Hair in curled high pony tail.

8. We Got The World: Olivia, Lindsey

9. Praying: Alyssa

10. Jingle Bells: Corryn, Angela, Livia, Sylvia, McKenzie, Charlotte, Jainey.
Performance Attire:  Christmas shirt with black leggings.  Hair in curled 
high pony tail.  

11. Dessert: Alaina, Elle, Aylin, Sarah, Helena, Jordan, Shayna.
Performance Attire:  Dessert costume.  Hair in high curled pony tail.

12: O Come, All Ye Faithful (Keeping Your Head Up): Ella, Ella Z, Alyssa, Regan, Ariadna
Performance Attire: Blue costume with tan footless tights.  Hair in low 
curled pony tail and earings.

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